About Me

Marketa Grimes

Creativity is in my genes. Colour, vision, form and depth excite me in a way that I cannot even describe. Being able to express the beauty in the eye of the beholder or enhance potential unseen features is the focus of my work. Raised and nurtured by artists. I was encouraged to experiment, expressing my thoughts by any creative means. My first outlet was make-up.

To me, a face is like a living canvas – having the ability to create unique looks with colour and play with enhancing features.

Then came my other love, armed with a camera, trying to visualise the world. My earliest memory of taking a picture was when I was six years old. Taking a picture to me was a representation of the world through my eyes. Still to this day, I have a copy of this picture. My neighbour was my first modelling subject. We used to play together making outfits from the array of fabrics in her home, planning our shoots in the locations surrounding our homes. Who would have known that my career would take a creative form – with my transition from a make-up artist to a photographer.

My obsession is fashion and beauty, trying to manifest this into a career led me to turn my hand professionally to make-up; starting my career off as a make-up artist. Thriving on enhancing the natural beauty of my subjects – trends began to change extreme contouring / the transition of false realities led me down a different path.
Since the beginning of my career, I have had the opportunity to express my creativity by collaborating on diverse projects, from music videos to advertising and fashion editorials, all inspiring me in different ways reshaping my vision of the world.

A picture says a thousand words, with this being my newfound expression – my love of colour, depth and being able to see sometimes hidden amazing features excites me about what I do.

Every job is unique, allowing me to creatively put together all the puzzle parts to create fantastic imagery. My speciality is fashion and beauty – I can make a visual representation of the story you want to tell. A perfectionist with a unique approach to every project. Detail-oriented with the ability to express the aesthetics of make-up artistry and fashion as a still image or adding movement with videography. I love being able to help others see another’s passion.

Whatever the project, please reach out, and let’s see how we can bring your creative vision to life.